Flower Box Flower Class Seoul Florist

Flower Box Flower Class Seoul Florist Flower Box Flower Class Seoul Florist Flower Box Flower Class Seoul Florist


Are you looking for flower classes that are extra ordinary?

In today’s class we followed a ‘Gift Flower’ curriculum designed for beginners. The first arrangement was ‘Flower Box’. We talked about flower shapes, colours, textures and, how to composite those elements beautifully into a limited space. Emphasis was placed on how to create a solid foundation, something that is critical to good floral design. Packaging flowers can be tricky. The flowers need to be protected, the materials need to be strong, and it all need to show off the beauty of your flower arrangement. So, we also learned gift wrapping technics for shipping and special occasions.

Wether you are looking to arrange flowers for the first time, a serious hobbyist or experienced florist, Petal Palette can customize a curriculum for you. All our classes are offered in Korean and English.

PM or call +82 10 3791 9836 to inquire

Photo by Greg Samborski Photography

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  1. valerie

    Hi can you do the same box floral arrangement class in november? Please contact me directly.

  2. Hi there!

    Hopefully you could see this message. I am a beginner and wish to take floristry classes in Korea, preferable a structured course for 5-7 days. My friend/friends will join me for the trip. Is there any such workshop at Petal Palette? We target to head to Korea from Singapore/China in mid April or mid May.

    Please let me know how many people are required and gross fees (fro lectures and materials). I had taken only one flower hoop class in Singapore and feel very interested in the course. Hope to make this happen!

    Merry X’mas and look forward to hearing from you soon!


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