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Seeking a wedding florist in Victoria BC for your International Wedding?  Clair Choi is a professional Wedding Florist over at Petal Palette, practicing Western and European floral designs in Korea and abroad.  Also, she understands both, Western and Korean, wedding culture very well. She might be the most ideal florist you could find in Victoria BC for International Couple’s Wedding.

If you are interested in having Clair arrange flowers for your International  wedding, please drop us a line.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Photo by Greg Samborski

PM us to inquire.

LINE- petal.palette

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Facebook- /petal.palette.florist

Korean Canadian International Couple Wedding Small Wedding Seoul Wedding Florist Petal Palette

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  1. is there a decoration package service with live flowers on
    some reception places later?

  2. wonderful pic, what camera did you use?

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